I'm Christin,

I was born in Germany and at age 8 years old I sang on a stage for the first time and since then singing became one my passions in life.

As a teenager I began to sing in different bands where I was the lead voice and years later made concerts in Germany and traveled to several other countries. But it was not until the year 2001 that I fell in love with the Bossa Nova.

I started to translate the songs into the German language and also got inspired to become an author and composer of my own songs within the Bossa Nova style.

I'm Claudio,

I was born in Valparaíso Chile and have played the guitar since I was a kid when my parents enrolled me in the Music Conservatory of the Catholic University when I was only 7 years old to study classical guitar.

With the years I became a very versatile musician playing in different bands and music styles mostly influenced by the Anglo, Spanish and Italian music that came to South America in the 70´s and


I currently live in Berlin, city where I find great opportunities to show my latino music.



Armonias en Mattea Cafe.png
Armonías en Mattea – Frühlingserwachen
Freitag, 13. März 2020 von 19:30 bis 23:00
Come together and sing with Mamalluca.
Open up singing Gracias a la Vida and integrate the energy from spring in your life, come to enjoy southamerican music, sing along and celebrate with a nice Pisco Sour or a Belsazar Rosé Spritz with a Grapefruit twist.
Pauschale für Livemusik & Snacks: 17,00 €
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